Who are Personalised Stories?

Our story starts, with the birth of our child Sofia, and we wanted to give her the best gift of all, the joy of reading books.

I love to read to my daughter, however she did not get super excited!

As new parents we quickly learnt the benefits of Personalised Books and decided to create a personalised book of our own, and she absolutely loved being the star of the book!

Sofia was so in love with her book, that she only ever wanted to read the same story, over and over again. We started developing more and more books as her thirst for adventure continued.  We developed a range of “Power Pen” stories, where Sofia would be transported into a book, and with the aid of a Power Pen, she would draw a solution to the problem she was having.

We even created a birthday book, alongside other special occasions such as Christmas!  These were really popular gift books!

In 2020, Sofias grandmother passed away at the age of 102 years, and Sofia who had now turned 3, continuously asked, “why, had she gone”.  We then started working on a book, that would help her understand the emotion of grief.

Fast forward 4 years, and we have created a range of books that is catered for children 0-8 years.

We have created a range of books, ideal as gifts, care and wellbeing and our everyday books that can be purchased as a subscription, which we like to call “Netflix” for books.

Now, Sofia really loves her selection of personalised books, so much so, that she will ask us to switch off the TV to read to her!  The bond of reading is real!

While we do cater to the gift market, what makes us truly unique is our range of books for the everyday market and our care and wellbeing books. Our collection is wide and varied, and frankly, it’s a collection you won’t find anywhere else.

All our books are inclusive of all diverse backgrounds, with each book having more than 200 variations to create a character that resembles your child!

As a child what got you excited about reading? Was it your favourite comic, magazine or the latest instalment of your favourite books.  For me it was running to that newsagent each week to get my favourite comic.  Would you like to get that excitement with your child especially from an early age?

Simply put, we are the force behind bringing fun and engaging books to children! We create interesting stories centred around the child and they can be personalised for any kid. This is how we help set the right environment for our kids to grow.

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Gifts For All Occasions

Perfect for any child from 0-8 years of age.  Our gift books are perfect for Birthdays and New Parents, alongside seasonal occasions such as Christmas, Baisakhi, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Easter, Eid and Hanukkah, Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

Care & Wellbeing Books

“You Are Not Alone”, is the first book in the series, helping children deal with the loss of someone, this could be a father, mother or grandparent.  The first personalised book that deals with death and has over 200 character options.

“Book Flicks” – Netflix For Books

The first book subscription, that allows you to choose your character avatar, and then allows you to choose from over 20 different books to create your subscription. Choose from 4 different plans, choose the one that works for you!

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